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Imagination - One of the Success Principles of the Famous Napoleon Hill

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Imagination - One of the Success Principles of the Famous Napoleon Hill

Shane Michaels

We all know the word “imagination”, but do we really understand the principles of using our imagination?

I used to imagine lots of things when I was young. I used to make imaginary roads in the sand in the garden, and inside the bushes were imaginary petrol pumps. I had my own imaginary bank where I stored many coins. I even used my imagination to create a fleet of dinky cars.

Sadly, we somehow forget about this imaginary world when we discover life and bills to pay and grown up things to do.

What if we could dream again like we used to, but harness the power of imagination the way that Napoleon Hill suggests?

Separate the word “imagination” into its various components and you get “Image”  and “ion”. The “Image” is the seeing of something physical. The “ion” part refers to the action.

Napoleon Hill says: “the more we use our imagination, the more it will deliver its physical form”.

Did you know that the people who really used their imagination, were the people who changed the world?

The Wright Brothers imagined being able to fly up in the sky. And after carefully planning, and trying a whole bunch of things (action), using their imagination to find different ways of doing things, they finally got their converted bicycle machine to fly in the air.

The light bulb used to be a flicker of a lit wick in oil that burned until the oil in the lamp was finished. Many people were employed to go and light these wicks at dusk so that there would be light in the streets at night, until one man used his imagination while watching the thunder and lightening one evening and decided that there had to be a better way. We all know the story of Thomas Edison. Yes! he invented the light bulb after 1000 attempts, but did you know that he first had to harness the power of electricity? Now how did he harness this powerful concept? He used his imagination repeatedly until he found a way.

Our lives today have become so fast-paced, that we almost forget about this amazing ability that we all possess!

In our business we have personally experienced the profound effects of imagination.

Once, when we wanted to qualify for an incentive trip to the beautiful island of Mauritius, we had spoken to over 50 people, 34 people had said they were going to sign up as Mannatech associates.  Not one of them joined.  We reached a point where we thought that we were not going to qualify for the incentive.  “Oh well!” we thought, lets just relax about it and we will work hard to qualify for the next one. We took a nice drive into the Drakensberg mountains. We put CDs in the player and just drove. Something amazing happened! We realised that our thinking was incorrect.  We were mistaken!  We still had one week to make the qualification.  Next to the road, somewhere out in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, Elize and I made a decision to qualify no matter what the circumstances.  We decided that we would find new people to speak to and people will join our Mannatech business and we will go to Mauritius!.

A week later, on the Friday (at the end of the Business Period) we had made our goal and we even ranked up! We made it!!

Every night before we slept, we saw (imagined) a new person in our business. We witnessed the excitement of this new team in our mind’s eyes.  We “saw”, on the screens of our minds, our “Congratulations” email from head office saying that we had qualified! We hugged and greeted all our Mannatech family at the airport. We saw ourselves at the hotel in the lobby where we could smell the fresh ocean air, as well as feel the cool breeze on our well-tanned skin. We could see the flicker of the shimmering sun glowing over the ocean as the sun rises. We even ate the delicious, freshly caught fish from the enormous spread from the buffet. All of this happened while we were lying in bed, concentrating on the good that was already ours. 

In the mornings, we felt huge amounts of gratitude for having a new team to work with, and for being on this stunning trip as Gold Executive directors, with a lovely pay cheque to use as spending money on our trip.  

I quote Mr Hill, “ The only imagination is what one sets up in their mind”.

Never underestimate this powerful, forgotten little treasure we used to use.

James Allen talks about “Our minds are like a garden, if you don’t use them, weeds will grow, but if you plant and water and look after your thoughts…you will have a beautiful garden”.

Even your childhood images will have found a way to manifest itself before you…..Just remember that action is the tinder which ignites the flame.

Did you ever watch the movie…”Limitless”?

If we use our imagination more and more, we will believe in its power, which helps us produce profound results.

Jim Rohn says “its not the blowing of the wind that determines our destiny, it’s the set of the sail”

Did you set a good sail?  Do you really know what you want from your Mannatech business?  Do you know what it is you would like to have left behind, one day when you die?

Imagine how your life would change once you reach Silver Presidential and beyond?

Take some time out for you and really think about what you want and where you want to go.  This will help you to conceptualize the images and circumstances that will make them a reality.  Write these things down!  Use as much detail as you can muster and remember to use all your senses.  What will you see?  What will you hear?  What will you smell?  How will you feel?  What will you think when your dreams become a reality?  Writing these things down will help to cement this on the screen of your mind.  Then you can imagine this every day and night, with great feeling.  Then, you will most certainly manifest your desires.

John Lennon, says in his song, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace, woohhoo, They say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one.  I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one.

I hope someday, to see you at the Top and living your dream!

Written by Craig Ellis PD