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Cooperation – The Power Of Teamwork

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Cooperation – The Power Of Teamwork

Shane Michaels

As we are planning our 2nd trip to Hawaii, we are extremely excited and at the same time blown away with what can happen in this profession. Especially since we are a just an ordinary family from a small town in central South Africa. Never in our wildest dreams could we ever have imagined this would be the rewards for chasing dreams...

So lets start.

What is one of the most powerful principles we can use to not only explode our businesses but also leave the world an entirely different place??  Without a doubt, cooperation!! Coordinating individual efforts is essential in any business, but in our profession, its MAGIC!!

How do we see this orchestrated?? Its everyone in the team working together for a common purpose AND in total harmony. Simply put the friendly coordination of efforts. We have the gift of radically transforming peoples lives, but if we play to small & think we can do this by ourselves we are sadly mistaken for just another Lone Ranger in the desert and that never builds big businesses.

What builds enormous businesses is TEAMWORK. Finding, working with and developing working teams. Teams that encourage one another, celebrate each other & protect each other. You see the things in life worthwhile achieving always have to be done through harmonious cooperation with others. We also realise that no one walks into teams perfect, it takes a SYSTEM like the Three Point Plan & our MENTORS to teach us, help us & show us this way as chances are the worlds system didn’t help all that much up to now...

Lets rededicate ourselves each day to the building of relationships, making allowances for peoples weaknesses & trying to understand each other. Lets cultivating people, for as we build people we build the business and that build generations of hope. We hope to hear your story soon of how you mastered this 8th wonder of the world...COMPOUNDING human effort!!

Alet-Marie & Quintin van Zyl