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Develop a Positive Mental Attitude.

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Develop a Positive Mental Attitude.

Shane Michaels

We are all born into this world with a choice to be in control of our mind or let the environment control our mind! The little voice you hear in your head is lying to you most of the time; it is trying to protect you from possibly getting hurt. It is keeping you in your Comfort Zone, and we have found that the biggest success is outside of you Comfort Zone.

Here is a couple of ways to help you to take control of your mind and develop a Positive Mental Attitude.

1. Avoid watching TV news channels or just TV in general because it is keeping you up to date with most of the negative information happening in the world.
     a.Take that time and spend it reading a book from "your Platinum Library".

2. Turn off your Radio; it is not moving you forward in life.
     a.Replace the radio with a CD from the tool table and EDUCATE yourself.

3. Limit the amount of time you spend on your Social Media.
     a.Take that time and focus on your DREAMS, browse your dreams.


Utilize the NEXT concept

Whenever something negative comes to mind, say to yourself NEXT! Then find a positive thought and focus your mental power on that positive thought.

Whenever someone around you starts to affect your positive mental attitude, say to yourself NEXT and find a way to turn the conversation to a POSITIVE one or excuse yourself.

We used this concept in the beginning of our relationship, to keep our relationship on the positive side. We had stopped using it daily because today we have developed a Positive Mental Attitude as a habit.

Know that you will be successful

It is a fact that there is a solution to every challenge you face. Rather spend your mental attitude on creating a solution to your challenge instead of wasting time on the challenge. What you focus on expands, take your time and focus on the solution!

If Thomas Edison allowed the challenge of darkness to consume his thoughts we would probably still be in the dark! He failed over 1,000 times!
Instead he kept telling himself that there is a solution, and I am going to find it!

There was a time in our business when we worked and prospected people but the growth was not showing in our business, we kept focusing on OUR DREAM that one day soon we will be Presidential Directors. We had the knowingness in our hearts that we are almost Presidential Director and a couple of months later we were.

We did not worry about where we were, because 90% of the things you worry about never happen! We focused on the scroll this too shall pass from The Greatest Salesman in the world.

We kept telling ourselves that the right leader is on their way to us!

We believe that the leaders are coming to us every day!

Our mental attitude was that if we stick to the three point plan, we would develop the skills to find the right leaders.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining!

The best thing you can do is know, that every cloud has a silver lining see it while others cannot.

Jean & Anrie Greeff