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Shane Michaels

Self- discipline forms part of a sound base principle that should be a crucial part of all our lives. Irresponsibility or ill-discipline should at all costs be avoided to ever realize a form of real success in life. Nothing is more important in life than to master one's own mind and cannot and will not master anything worthwhile if we do not.

I grew up with fundamental belief that moderation is key to a successful life. The "self" in self-discipline is the aspect that should be fully taken control of and make it a part of our hourly / daily focus.

Positively is necessary for discipline to be fully appreciated and that is why an education campaign (Toms) has been put in place for us at Mannatech to usher us in the right direction and keep us on track 24/7.

Solid foundations are necessary to achieve this.

When we are positively charged (and we all need this) we would be more likely to make decisions that would transcend time and set our Mannatech businesses firmly on track to build legacies.

So nothing worthwhile would exist and a legacy will not be unearthed or sustained by any means or measure without the express presence of self-discipline. The truth is that in life both positive and negative energy exists and that we learn more from failure and defeat.

Self-discipline is not as much needed if all is going well, but essential in challenging times, particularly when life kicks you on the shin, for example....times of loss, defeat or failure.
This is when self-discipline is called to action, to dust yourself off, to rise up again, remembering that no real destruction is final.

Everyone experiences challenges at fairly regular intervals in their lives, without exceptions, but the one thing that will see us all through all of what life has to throw at us is......


Sylwen Prinsloo