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Going the Extra Mile

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Going the Extra Mile

Shane Michaels

The Extra Mile Formula is one of Napoleon Hill’s fundamental Principles to achieve success. To render more and give better service than you are paid for, and sooner or later you will receive compound interest from your investment.

Now, if we relate that to your Mannatech business, how could you be giving your customers a better service? How could you go the extra mile for an associate that is really putting up his or her hand? How could you Be and Do more as a leader.

It’s important to ask these basic questions. Essentially it’s important to ask yourself whether; “You would follow you?" What sort of leader do you aspire to be and who is the leader that you are following?

Remember our business is all about lifting people up and calming situations down. I always seem to ask myself the following when I am working with a new associate. Is this a High Maintenance, Low Impact associate or a High Impact, Low Maintenance Associate? As basic as this may sound, remember the Low Impact and High Maintenance associate, very seldom attracts or enrols the "Big Fish” because the “Big Fish” want to hang out and be around the LEADERS.

I have always shared with my group, instead of hoping to sign up the “Big Fish”, become the “Big Fish.” Are you the "Big Fish" in your team who sets the pace of the group? Are you always in control of your Attitude and the Activity you put in personally and into that of your team? And most importantly are you consistent in character. By this I mean, are you one minute up and the next minute down. One minute excited and the next minute feel like quitting. Leaders are consistent in character and vision. Or as some of us have seen before, the “Small Fish” in the team, that never takes ownership, always blames something or someone and never leads because he is never in a position to lead because nobody wants to follow him or her.

Relating these principles to Mannatech, it is inevitable that every seed of useful service you sow to not only your customers but also your associates, that YOU are congruent with Your goals, that YOU have set out for Yourself. That this will sprout and reward you with an abundant harvest. If not now, perhaps next month, next year or even in a decade to come. Going the extra mile is not the sort of principle that can be put into practice in a few easy steps. Instead it is a state of mind that you must develop, so that it is a part of everything you do. There is a subtle, but powerful, mental attitude connected with it. For me it’s about becoming constantly aware about what state you’re in. Not only in a sense of Going the Extra Mile but also around your Mindset. Many people have come and gone, but the ones that make the biggest success is most certainly the ones that were always aware of their personal mindset, that of their team, and the ones that Go the Extra Mile, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

So don't forget to go the extra mile, not only in Mannatech but in every aspect of your LIFE.

JP Koster