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The Importance of Having a Pleasing Personality

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The Importance of Having a Pleasing Personality

Shane Michaels

People do business with people they know, like and trust! (And in that particular order).

Today this is more relevant than ever before because consumers have a multitude of choices on where and how they spend their money and who they do business with. 

Many books have been published for many years on the importance of "having a pleasing personality"! Why would people read books to better their interaction with other people? Why do so many life and business coaches offer their services to train people on how to better relate to clients, partners and offspring? 

The main reason is that the most basic human need is to be appreciated and loved.

In Dale Carnegie's book - "How to win friends and influence people", he addresses the basic skills on how to handle people in a way that they feel appreciated and loved. 

How will people get to know you?

If people will do business with you because they know you, it means in the first place that you must be willing to socialize, go to places or events where you can make new friends and actively network! And when people get to know you, how will they experience you, positive or negative? Are you leaving people feeling better about themselves, or worse? Are you a person who frequently criticize and deal with people in a unrespect full manner, or a person who make others feel appreciated? In the times we are living, people know you long before they've met you in person. You are building a personality profile by just living and it gets shared by many - if we like it or not. How do you live your day by day life? Will people want to know you? What sets you apart from all the other people who are trying to attract everyone’s attention? 

This brings me to the next point- Why will people like you? Many successful people and leaders in the world learned that their ability to deal with people is more important than lots of knowledge and skills. One of the first things to remember is that people never blame or criticize themselves for anything, and therefore the first important thing to remember is to avoid criticizing others. Be quick to praise but slow to criticize! Sincere appreciation is one of the secrets of many successful leaders and family men. This led to the reason many people love to associate with them and trust them. How do you get people to like you? Become genuinely interested in people. Be more interested than interesting. Learn to become the best listener you can be and focus on the other person's interests and needs. Get the other person to believe that they are appreciated. This will start to build into the final phase that we all long for in business and personal relationships and that is: trust!

Trust is the most fragile one of the three, it can take a while to build but can be lost quickly. How do you get people to trust you? Trust is earned through regular face to face interaction; you cannot build trust over the phone, via Facebook, LinkedIn or any social media. Trust is earned by doing what you said you would do, by being on time, by not quitting, by letting time prove you right if someone didn't initially believe you, by taking responsibility and being accountable.    

So to end off, yes it is important to have a pleasing personality if you want to build a huge and successful network marketing business, because people do business with people who they know, like and trust!   

Sebastiaan and Brech Kamstra