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The Freedom that Mannatech Can Give Us

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The Freedom that Mannatech Can Give Us

Vintzent van der Linde

For me, the name of that ‘freedom’ is HOPE – Helping Other People to be Empowered!

I have always wanted to be a bridge builder – helping people to see the potential within themselves to a point where they actually believe it and move from being ordinary to becoming a manifestation of what they were born to be – an extraordinary human being!

I am blessed to say that a number of people made this a reality in my life.  A few years ago the bottom dropped out of my ‘life’.  It seemed as if all hope was lost – forever!  Life became an even more intense and concentrated journey of survival and the light at the end of the tunnel seemed like an oncoming train at high speed!

Through divine intervention, Mannatech found me.  Today I am able to look back on the face of adversity with immense gratitude for the increasing freedom I have gained through Mannatech.  Mannatech has given me the freedom for a new life.  A life of abundance.  Hope to live.  To live a life of significance everyday by knowing that I have helped to feed more than 600 children dying from malnutrition every month when I was struggling to keep my head above water a few years ago.  Mannatech has given me financial freedom that I have never known before – to recover from all consuming financial loss where I am in the best place I have ever been financially since I was employed 30 years ago.  Mannatech has also given me physical freedom with a clean bill of health. 

But most of all, Mannatech has given me the freedom of choice!  Enabling me to be that bridge builder,  to take someone by the hand and to give back what has been given to me.  It has enabled me to be a facilitator in transforming lives and to set other people free, empowering those who embrace this journey to fulfill their unique plan and purpose for their lives according to their original destiny and calling... To give hope.  

In the same way that the Mannatech products enhance cell to cell communication for physical freedom, it connects the dots for freedom in every way you can conceive and believe.

And to think that this freedom is available to everyone!  From my experience, it’s all about constantly making the right choices in every aspect of your life.  Only you can choose to control your attitude and your actions.  Choose wisely and you will reap the benefits of freedom.  Choose HOPE.


Isabel Schoeman

Bronze PD