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How Big are your Dreams?

Achievers Blog

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How Big are your Dreams?

Vintzent van der Linde

The size of your Dream is as important as the size of your attitude.

In fact, the size of your Dream will determine if you can maintain a positive and high level of attitude. It is well known that your level of attitude determines your level of altitude.

Likewise, the size of your Dream and the altitude of your Dream, will determine the outcome of your success

When Leoné and I started our Mannatech Business, we had BIG dreams. We started with just a few children we wanted to help. It became a successful business. You can build your own very successful business by starting with a BIG DREAM and helping your friends to dream big and help some of their friends to achieve their dreams.

There are now many successful Mannatech Associates and they have one thing in common - they are Big Dreamers.

If you ask me for advice on how to become successful in Mannatech, I will always say: "When people tell you that you can not achieve your dreams, don't listen to them. Follow your dreams."

A very simple rule for Mannatech success is to get into the habit of calling at least six strangers from any phone book every day. This will give you a constant source of business appointments to explain your Mannatech Opportunity to. I followed this plan with great success whenever I was in trouble with my finances.

The two most important principles are:
1) Never lose sight of your dreams and
2) Phone those Six strangers every day for 5 days a week

You will fulfill all your DREAMS.

Happy dreaming and great success with helping other people achieve their dreams.

Much love,