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Shane Michaels

According to Napoleon Hill's book YOUR RIGHT TO BE RICH there are 17 principles to follow if you want to be successful in building a phenomenal business. 

Applied faith is one of the big 3 of the 17 principles. According to Hill the word applied means action, without action faith is nothing but just daydreaming. 

For 27 years I was a successful hairdresser in a small rural town. I had a close relationship with my customers where we shared personal and religious topics. They became the base of my Mannatech business. 

Three years ago this wonderful business opportunity was introduced to me by a very special lady who now has become one of my closest friends. The Mannatech business took my fancy immediately. At that stage my husband Jacques was totally against the idea. Here I had to apply faith as never before.

Fortunately the wonderful system that was put in place by Louis and Leone van der Linde helped me to gain confidence and knowledge to start building my business. Even though Jacques supported me he was not very enthusiastic. But he started attending meetings and he became interested in the books.

By my applied faith Jacques is now my partner and rock. I cannot explain the wonderful strength and security that has entered our relationship and the momentum that it has brought to our business.

At this point I would like to inspire the team members, who have soulmates but are still working alone, to apply their faith by inspiring their partners to take part in reaching their wonderful dreams together. 

The income of my fortune that I was working on, has exceeded my dream income to such an extent that we felt safe to close down my hairdressing salon.

With lots of prayer and applied faith we are looking forward to take action and strive to be the best network marketers that we can be. 

We are extremely excited about our business and this amazing opportunity. We know that the only way forward is by taking action, applying faith and incorporating the other 16 principles. 

Hilda Marais