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Master Mind (MM)

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Master Mind (MM)

Shane Michaels

This is Principle #2 of 17 in Napoleon Hill’s book YOUR RIGHT TO BE RICH, which is highly recommended by our 2 Star Platinum Presidential Directors Louis and Leoné van der Linde.  Dr Hill’s book is a proven program for Prosperity and Happiness and this Principle follows #1, a Definiteness of Purpose.

Dr Hill defines it as two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. This enables one to use and borrow education, experience, influence, and perhaps even capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life.  The application of these principles can help you to achieve amazing results within one year.  Dr Hill is of the meaning that no one has ever attained outstanding success in any calling without applying this principle – because no mind is complete by itself.  Every mind needs association with other minds to grow and expand.

One of the most successful MM alliances was that of Henry Ford and his wife.  Friends tried to discourage him from wasting his time with that ‘contraption’. But Mrs Ford kept believing in him and encouraging him that he would succeed. (This sounds a bit like what we sometimes experience in our businesses).

So who is your MM group?  Dr Hill refers to six qualifications required in a person: 1) dependability, 2) loyalty, 3) ability, 4) positive mental attitude, 5) willingness to go the extra mile, and 6) applied faith.  Within a marriage, it is preferable that your spouse is part of your group.  This is like having the power of three minds at work!  Together, you would decide on the next person who qualifies to join your group – adding more leverage and exponential results.  With a third harmonious person in the group, you would now decide together on the fourth person, and so on.

Since this is a vast topic, I would like to just share some of my own experience in just having touched the surface in beginning to understand the power of embracing this principle especially within our business. In any area of life, it is challenging to establish a MM group. Few couples have attained that harmony and when it’s there, the explosion of success in their lives is clearly visible.

Naturally we have to decide to personally work towards qualifying for these six principles before we can consider forming a MM alliance.  For the past couple of years I have been actively searching for people to join me in such a group … one is truly blessed when you have more than a handful of people on board.

It is a huge advantage when your mentors are willing to be part of your MM group since they are already operating in that sphere.  I constantly glean so much from my mentors and looking back, can see how they gently guided me into this healthy mind-set.  Personally I feel that a positive mental attitude (quality no 4) is one of the most important attributes. Moment-by-moment we need to choose how we will respond to everything … since we only have control over our actions and our attitude.  We can choose to be dependable, loyal, develop the ability, have a positive mental attitude, be willing to go the extra mile, and to apply faith.

 Deciding to make the right choice constantly, to the best of our ability, is vital for our success and wellbeing – spirit, soul and body.  We are not perfect though, but we can choose to learn and grow, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. And when you miss it, forgive yourself and just start again.  Getting into that mind-set will already start changing your life and your results – be it for happiness, relationships, health, finances, growth…

When we start applying this attitude and the action to achieve it, we find we are attracting more of it and more positive people who can become part of our MM group.  We also start protecting our space by associating with like-minded people, reading uplifting material and listening to positive audios.

So reaching out to my mentors (especially since I am single) has been extremely valuable to tap into this precious MM group.  With my team, we endeavour to apply a positive attitude of gratitude, especially with what we think and say.  After all, as a man thinketh, so is he.  The power of the spoken word, when it is voiced with gratitude and positivity, adds to the success of the MM group.  For me, this is launching out of the starting blocks into a destiny without limits, built on a definiteness of purpose, achieving our dreams.

May you be blessed with your own Master Mind Group of significance.

Isabel Schoeman.  Bronze Presidential Director