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Shane Michaels

According to Napoleon Hill's book YOUR RIGHT TO BE RICH there are 17 principles to follow if you want to be successful in building a phenomenal business. 

Applied faith is one of the big 3 of the 17 principles. According to Hill the word applied means action, without action faith is nothing but just daydreaming. 

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Shane Michaels

In his best seller book "Your right to be rich", Napoleon Hill puts ENTHUSIASM as one of the 17 principles that we should possess in order to live a rich and fulfilled life. The word "enthusiasm" has its origin from the Greek word “enthousiasmos”, which consists of the two root words “en” (in or within) & “theos” (God) Enthusiasm therefore literally means “God within “.... inspiration or possession by a god. It was only much later that the word enthusiasm began to be used to describe having intense feelings, a compelling emotion or desire and a passion about something.

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Learning from adversity and defeat - according to the 12th principle from Napoleon Hill’s book, Your Right to be Rich.

Shane Michaels

The story we are sharing with you today started when Hagen lost his Job 12 years ago, (or rather, as the Louisiana native call it, “being set free.”), and when Mannatech was introduced to us the very same day. Is that a coincidence?

At that time, all we saw was doom and gloom, because our natural tendency is to feel shocked and paralyzed – Where to now? Will Hagen find a job again? Do I have to look for a job? How are we going to pay the school fees, mortgages, or just get food onto the table?  This roadblock wasn’t the first one, neither the last one in our life. We have learnt that nothing big can be accomplished if you don’t go through difficulties and challenges. Like the author Elizabeth Kubler-Ross says: “If you shield the mountain from the wind storms, you never see the beauty of the carvings.”  

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