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Vintzent & Yolandé van der Linde

Barefoot philosopher and budding artist

Before building their network marketing organization, Vintzent and Yolandé started off much in love and living the carefree life of a young couple. Vintzent describes himself as having been interested in philosophy, having long hair and almost never wearing shoes while Yolandé started her artistic career in painting and decor.

After a trip to Mozambique where they had the wonderful experience of swimming with dolphins, they came to the realization that the lifestyle and experiences they were looking for required lots of money and lots of free time.

“We didn’t want to work an office job and sit in a cubicle all day. We wanted to be together and do something meaningful.” says Yolandé. 

While not having any personal experience in network marketing, Vintzent says that he did have some valuable exposure to the industry from a young age.  “I had the privilege of growing up with mom and dad actively growing their network marketing business. I saw a lot of what does and doesn’t work and I guess it stuck in my head. I still use a lot of those principles today.” says Vintzent

“It was tough in the beginning, but it was fun! We loved watching people get their freedom back more than we cared about being rejected. It’s been a great journey!” 

Reflecting back, Yolandé says “we were probably the last people you would put on your list of names. I drove a red Morris Minor called ‘Bessie’ and listened to Bob Marley with beads in my hair while Vintzent was this free thinking barefoot guy that closely resembled a 60’s hippie!”

Vintzent and Yolandé quickly went to work building teams and developing success stories around them and within three years were able to build an international business that gave them residual income and with that, financial freedom.

They now enjoy a great lifestyle. They are full time parents and they have time freedom to do what they choose... all before the age of 30! 

They are passionate about helping people around them achieve freedom for themselves and while they have accomplished so much already Vintzent says “We’re only just getting started!