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Jean & Anrie Greeff

We are both 24 years of age and live in Cape Town and Johannesburg thanks to our Mannatech Business! We have two little Mannatech boys (they have been on the products since pregnancy).

Jean has never been employed. He did however have a very successful sports career in Weightlifting. He won and still holds a couple of South African Records in his division. He also attended a few Commonwealth Championships and major International Championships.  His highlight was participating in the London Olympics in 2012. He used Mannatech Products and gained a lot of edge and improved his personal best in each competition. His favourite sports product is Osolean because of the incredibly simple way of getting your fat percentage to where you ideally want it to be as a sports professional. Jean started Mannatech at the age of 19 purely to use the product and after witnessing how effective the Mannatech products are he could not keep quiet. People had to know about this technology and from there on by simply sharing stories the Business grew.

Anrie studied Business Management for two years. There after she ended up working at a few different companies mostly in sales. Freedom of time and money never seemed to be attainable with the hours and income she got. She joined Jean in Mannatech in 2012, had amazing results on the products with both pregnancies and general health. She supports and builds the Business with Jean. Her favorite product is Plus because of the balancing of hormones which in her experience changes all womanly milestones and body changes to good and better experiences.

We are eternally grateful for Louis and Leone van der Linde and our Team as well as Mannatech for the life we have today. We have optimal health, freedom of time & money, leaving a legacy for our children and generations there after and we are able to change peoples lives and therefore we are busy changing the world for generations to come! We know our children are growing up with the best health and education (Mannatech's personal development system)!

We wish everyone the life they dream off... and even better!