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Isabel Schoeman

A few years ago when the bottom dropped out of ‘life’, it seemed as if all hope was lost for Isabel and life was a journey of survival with no possibility or desire for the next 24 hours. 

Isabel had been blessed to have grown  up all over the world due to her father's involvement with the SA Embassy.

At the age of 26 she was left with a 25% chance of survival due to a serious motorbike accident and many severe physical challenges thereafter.  Through this, Isabel realised the value of LIFE and HEALTH. 

She has always been involved with projects and work to help and empower people.  Her skills in photo journalism and marketing contributed greatly to this fulltime or part-time - from environmental education; raptor awareness; working for the SA tourism Board and marketing our country locally and internationally.  She managed a top Christian Book & Music store and has been actively involved with missionaries and ministry.

Isabel is exceptionally grateful for the Mannatech opportunity that came across her path which enabled her to achieve financial freedom to catch up what she had lost; starting all over again in her fifties; obtaining optimal health and thereby the ability to help hundreds of children every month through the M5M project.  "At this stage of my life, on my own, I cannot help one other person yet, but through the power of leverage in network marketing and likeminded people I'm currently helping more than 800 children a month".

Isabel’s life has been transformed from survival to success and significance.  Her passion is for people to be set free.  To bring hope in all areas of life.  To know that she is involved with something worthwhile  in helping others to be empowered to fullfill their unique plan and purpose for their lives according to their original destiny