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How we apply what we read in order to get to the next level

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How we apply what we read in order to get to the next level

Vintzent van der Linde

Neither of us read a lot of books before Mannatech, in fact the only books we have read were the prescribed school textbooks, of which Jean skipped a few anyway.  Looking back on our illiteracy, we would like to take the time to thank Louis and Leone van der Linde for introducing us to life changing books.

Jean's first book was "Screw it lets do it" by Richard Brandson and mine was "The magic of thinking big" by David Schwartz.

We did not know how to apply what we've read so we started practicing it on each other. The first book which had a fast, direct impact on our business was "How to win friends and influence people". I practiced the way of asking questions in order for it to work in my favor, as well as how to react verbally, incase of a misunderstanding or argument. It had such a positive impact on our relationship, and even more so in our business.

With some of the other books, for example: "Wooden on leadership", "The magic of belief", "The parable of the pipe line", "Copy cat marketing", "The magic of thinking big", "Launching a leadership revolution", "How to develop the leader within", "How to develop the leaders around you" and "The science of getting rich", we needed knowledge first, which means we had to learn through repetition. Doing this gave us the knowledge to know which book to read again for which situation, or what to suggest for a certain leader to get to the next level.

Applying what we read makes reading powerful.  Its not what you say , it is how you say it that makes a difference. Reading the suggested books through the Tom's and your Upline, teaches you how to say difficult and vital points in discussions. We apply what we read by implementing and testing suggested ways or scenarios that the authors went through, mostly in our personal lives first and then successfully in our business.  

Jean's Second book was "The greatest salesman in the world". "I believe that that was the book that took me from living an average, ordinary life to living a great life.  The first thing that I started to apply was the scroll: 'I will act now'.  Every time I attempted a personal best in Weightlifting, I would say 'this is the place, this is the time, I will act now' out loud moments before I started the lift. That same scroll I repeated to myself before I made a call to a new prospect. "

"The greatest salesman" has 9 scrolls that you can implement practically into your life/business says Jean: ""The Greatest Salesman" is the book that brought positive change into my relationship with my mother, especially the scroll: 'I am the Master of my emotions'. There were periods in my life where myself and my mom only fought. After starting to apply the 9 scrolls into my life, my relationship with my mother started to change due to the fact that I became the master of my emotions. After I saw the change in our relationship we started applying it into our Business. Those 9 scrolls are one of the reasons our business grew to the great size it is now. I remember just before we went to the next level, we had to take the risk of me missing our second son's birth in Cape Town to be with our team in JHB. This leader was on the verge of achieving freedom. My decision to take the risk was made based on the application of the Scroll 'I will persist until I succeed.'

All of these scrolls we apply on a daily basis in different scenario's in order to get to the next level.

Other books like "Questions are the answers" we started to apply in our plans and working with new people, whilst we were reading the book. The result is that our business is moving to the next level all the time, because of the easy ways to apply all of these books into our business. For instance the books: "The richest man in Babylon" and "Master key to riches", that teaches you how to manage your finances from the practical steps laid out therein. 

Today we both love reading, learning and applying the exceptional books Mannatech South Africa suggests to us. We understand and believe that applying the given messages is pivotal for our Business to get to the next level. 

Much Love
Jean & Anrie Greeff